Ventilation Checklists


Ventilation Checklists are required if you are performing a permitted home renovation or new construction project. These checklists ensure your home HVAC is installed according to the updated BC Building Code. At BR Ventilation we are able to provide these checklists as needed for your project. If you require this kind of service please give us a call.

Below you will find what we can offer for each specific service:


  1. **CRV Checklist (Central Recirculation Ventilation)**:

   – Ensures that the dwelling has a system in place to bring in fresh air and distribute it throughout the house.

   – Typically used to meet ventilation requirements outlined in the BC Building Code and Step Code.

  1. **HRV Checklist (Heat Recovery Ventilation)**:

   – Verifies that the dwelling has a heat recovery ventilation system installed.

   – This system brings in fresh air, filters it, recovers a portion of the interior air’s heat, and exhausts stale air from the house.

   – Can utilize either dedicated ducting or a forced air ducting system for distribution.

  1. **Forced Air Checklist**:

   – Focuses on ducted systems such as heat pump air handler systems or furnace systems.

   – Typically involves ensuring proper installation, operation, and maintenance of the forced air ventilation system.

  1. **Passive Air Checklist**:

   – Designed for suites attached to primary residences or accessory.

   – May include requirements for passive ventilation systems or other specific ventilation measures.

  1. **On-Site Inspection**:

   – Offers the option for inspectors to visit the site to inspect ductwork and ventilation systems to ensure compliance with building codes and regulations.

   – Helps verify that installed systems meet the standards required for obtaining a dwelling occupancy permit.

Each checklist serves a specific purpose in verifying that the ventilation systems in dwellings meet the requirements set forth by the BC Building Code and Step Code. Inspections play a crucial role in ensuring that ventilation systems are installed correctly and operate effectively to maintain indoor air quality and occupant comfort.


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